Malú Pomares

Violin, Intrada

Malú Pomares is a violinist from Matanzas, Cuba. Born to a family of both professional and amateur musicians, she grew up listening to and learning from Cuban music, and when she was 8 years old she picked her instrument of choice – the violin. Malú continued to study the violin until completing her first bachelor’s degree at the University of Arts in Havana, and it was during this period that she worked with several chamber music ensembles and symphony orchestras, which took her around the world, participating in festivals of Cuban popular music, Latin American and Western classical music.

In 2018, Malú had the opportunity to play a baroque violin for the first time and discovered that this was the path she wanted to follow. In 2020, The Royal Conservatory of The Hague offered her an Excellence Scholarship, thus allowing her to move from Cuba to the Netherlands to specialise in historical violin. Since that moment, she has been receiving lessons with Water Reiter, who has been her guide to this day, and the person who encouraged her to begin her studies in The Netherlands. Whilst in Europe, Malú has had the opportunity to perform in early music festivals and projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Salzburg, and France. 

Malú is currently based in Antwerp, and is researching the music of Eugene Godecharle, whose music she will debut in February next year, with her ensemble, Petunia String Quartet, at Brussels Early Music Festival. 

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