Daria Spiridonova


Daria was born and studied in Kazan, Russia. She went on to study at the Moscow Conservatory, HfMDK Frankfurt, and the Bruno Maderna Conservatory in Cesena, with the well-regarded professor Luca Giardini. In 2019 she won one of the main prizes at the Biber Early Music Competition in Austria. Following that, she toured Holland, playing eight solo concerts with Organisatie Oude Muziek Utrecht (2020) and a solo concert in the main program at the Utrecht Early Music Festival (2022). Daria was the winner of the José Herrando Baroque Violin Competition, Spain (2020), and Premio Rotary, Italy (2021). She currently guest-leads orchestras such as Frau Musika in Italy, Divino Sospiro in Portugal, and the Copenhagen Soloists in Denmark. Daria plays a Willem van der Sijde violin, built in 1690, received from the Jumpstart Foundation.

Upcoming Concerts