Help us bring Bach's Harpsichord to Scotland

The harpsichord that Gustav Leonhardt favoured on his visits to the UK has just become available for purchase. 

John Butt used the instrument for our recent recording of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos and will do so again for his recording of the Bach’s John Passion. He hopes to record both books of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier on the instrument next year. The harpsichord is in excellent playing condition; being twenty years old, it has been ‘played in’. We have negotiated a fair price and purchasing it would be a good investment for Dunedin. We need to raise £27,500 and call for your support.
The instrument comes from one of the most prestigious harpsichord workshops in the world in Italy. It was made by Bruce Kennedy and modelled after a German instrument by Mietke. Bach purchased a harpsichord from Mietke for the Cöthen court in 1719 making him the only harpsichord maker whose name can be directly linked to the composer. It is therefore absolutely the right instrument for Dunedin’s work in the late Baroque; equally appropriate for Handel as for Bach, since it is the style of keyboard that Handel would have been brought up with. 
It is an incredibly versatile keyboard, rich in tone, working well as both a solo and continuo instrument. Not only would it feature in most of Dunedin’s concerts and recordings requiring harpsichord, it would also be one of the highest quality harpsichords in Scotland. It would be available for hire to suitable performers.


We have done it!

With the very generous support of the following we have achieved our target and raised the funds necessary to purchase this magnificent instrument. We are sincerely grateful to those that supported this purchase and look forward to using the instrument in our forthcoming recordings and performances.

The following Trusts and Foundations supported the purchase:

Creative Scotland - Lottery Funded
Lendrum Trust
Steventston Trust
Esmée Fairbairn

The following individuals supported this project:

A Waxford
Dr & Mrs Macdonald
Alison Mary Bromage
Dr Michael & Nora Radcliffe
Peter Smaill
Sir Muir & Lady Russell
And several anonymous donors