Esther Recording Fund Supporters

In addition to a large number of anonymous donors, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all those listed below that generously donated towards our recording of Handel's Esther.

Binks Trust
Arts & Business
The Reed Foundation

Mr W R Armstrong
Mr Angus Bethune
Mrs Jocelyn Blackburn
Mr Philip Bradfield
Miss Judith Brearley
Dr Paul Broda
Mr Richard Burns
Mrs Sally Butt
Dr Rachel Butter
Mrs Alison Campbell
Mrs Margaret Cantlay
Mr Brian Charlesworth
Miss Meli Costopoulos
Dr John Dale
Mr Christopher Dinnis
Mr & Mrs Jo & Alison Elliot
Mr Raymond Entwistle
Mr Nick Felisiak
Mr James Friend
Mr Antony Graham
Mrs Joy Graham Mar
Miss Catherine Rowley-williams
Sir Muir & Lady Eileen Russell
Dr Evelyn Silber
Mr Richard Simon

Mr Peter Smaill
Lady Anne Smith
Mrs Margare Torrance
Mr Raymond Williamson
Mr Victor WoodMrs Jean Holloway
Mr Don Houtman
Ms Guen Innes
Mr Andrew Kerr
Mr Cameron Leask
Ms Susan Lendrum
Dr Mary Macdonald
Ms Carol Main
Mr Ian Marrian
Miss Jenny Mckay
Mr David Mclellan
Mr Euan Mcvicar
Mr James Morton
Dr Tricia Murphy-black
Mr Peter Nelson
Ms Judith Nelson
Ms Mary Payne
Mr Stuart Pearson
Dr Jenny Rees
Ms Catriona Reynolds
Mr Roger Robertson