Cantors' Circle

Cantors' Circle
Support Dunedin Consort by joining the Cantors’ Circle!
We invite you to join the Cantors’ Circle, a special group of like-minded, generous music lovers who are helping to sustain our activities and enjoy a closer relationship with Dunedin Consort.
As a registered charity, Dunedin Consort seeks the support of individuals who enjoy our live concerts and recordings and are happy to make an ongoing financial commitment to our work.
Cantors were among the highest levels of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in Bach and Handel’s Germany. In a prestigious position, they supervised music in principal churches and cathedrals, and provided music for special events.  
Our Cantors reflect this special position as champions of our musical performances.  There are four levels of annual giving which have been given titles of musicians from this period.
  • £120 - £599 - Alumnus (Bach's word for 'Chorister')
  • £600 - £999 - Stadtpfeifer (Professional instrumentalist)
  • £1,000 - £2,499 Konzertmeister (Leading musician)
  • £2,500 and over - Kapellmeister (Royal music director)

Your support will help Dunedin Consort sustain and develop its position as Scotland’s leading baroque ensemble.  
Thank you.

Join us now! Donate by Direct Debit online:

You will need an email address to create an account with Gocardless the UK's leading online Direct Debit provider. 

ALUMNUS £10 per month £120 per annum
STADTPFEIFER £50 per month £600 per annum
KONZERTMEISTER £85 per month £1,000 per annum
KAPELLMEISTER £210 per month £2,500 per annum


If you would like to support at a different level from the options given above, please email and we will process your donation offline.


Dunedin would like to acknowledge with grateful thanks the assistance of the following Cantors for their continuing support.


Richard Burns
Sir Gerald & Lady Elliot



Sir Jack & Lady Shaw



Sir Muir and Lady Russell


Eric Anderson
Hugh Andrew
Michael Anderson
Robin and Lorna Angus
William & Elizabeth Berry
Jocelyn Blackburn
John l. Boase
Judith Brearley
Paul Broda
Mary Bromage
John and Jane Butters

Kathryn and Mel Cadman

David Caldwell

Niall and Alison Campbell

Brian and Deborah Charlesworth

John Clifford

Roger Collins and Judith  McClure

Celia Coulson

John Dale

John Davidson

Janette Dobson

Mr & Dr Duffy

Anne Farquhar

Ann Firth

James Friend

Simon Friend and Jenny Mckay

John and Mary Gillies
Alny Graham
Joy Graham-Marr
John and Margaret Gray
George and Ann Gwilt
Sir Russell Hillhouse
Caroline Higgitt
Lady Hope
Ann Hollingworth
John Innes
Sir Raymond and Lady Johnstone
Susanna Kerr
Gabriele Kuhn
Jo Leighton
Susie Lendrum
Christine Lessels
Elspeth McCarthur
Gavin McEwan
Iona MacKinlay
Evelyn Matheson
Iain McGillivray
Damaris Micklem
Hannah Mills
Colin Mumford
Damaris Micklem
Hannah Mills
Colin Mumford
Juergen Munz
Lorna Paterson
Michael and Nora Radcliffe
Liz Rogers
Richard Simon
Peter M Smaill
Ken Thomson
Alastair Weatherstone
Several Anonymous Donors